• 'Super Mario Run'

'Super Mario Run' (Photo : Twitter)

Nintendo has just launched the official "Super Mario Run" sticker pack for Apple's iMessage service on the App Store. The stickers downloaded for iPhones and iPads show the short plumber wearing blue overalls and red cap in different poses and actions.  Apple's texting application supports many stickers but this is the first one from Nintendo before the new game's launch for iOS devices including the new iPhone 7 in December 2016.

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The sticker pack is not listed in the Messages App Store. It also cannot be installed on Apple devices running iOS 10 beta or iOS 10 golden master.

iOS 10 will be available to the public on the morning of September 13, Tuesday. It will likely be released at about 10 a.m. Pacific Time and 7 a.m. Eastern Time.  

The mobile game will later get an Android rollout.  Nintendo has been unsure about developing virtual reality products after the debacles of the Virtual Boy console and Power Glove accessory, yet has decided to compete in the $36.6 billion mobile gaming market.

Nintendo's new auto-runner game requires Mario to speed through courses to collect coins while avoiding enemies and obstacles. Gamers can also compete against other players in the "Toad Rally" battle mode for fastest times and high scores.

The console giant announced "Super Mario Run" at Apple's September iPhone event last week. Mario's creator Shigeru Miyamoto introduced the new iOS app. He explained it would get a premium price to avoid some problems related to free-to-play titles such as spending money to compete with other gamers.

Apple is offering a notify system at its App Store so players know when the new game is launched.

Mario is Nintendo's largest franchise. The Italian plumber first appeared in 1981 as Jumpman in the arcade game "Donkey Kong."    

Nintendo plans to launch "Super Mario Run" as a free demo for download but charge money for the full game. Analyst Serkan Toto believes smartphone and tablet owners could download the game over 1.5 billion times, according to VentureBeat.

In related news, Niantic has revealed the next "Pokémon Go" update will include Buddy Pokémon and support the Go Plus wearable, according to Wired. Buddy Pokémon allows gamers to choose any Pokemon such as Pikachu to appear beside their avatar on the trainer screen.  

The pocket monsters will earn candy while walking a certain distance with the augmented reality (AR) game's player. The sweet food is used to power up or evolve.

Niantic's update will also support the Pokémon Go Plus accessory. The wrist wearable uses a Bluetooth connection to the mobile game, and alerts players when a little creature has hatched nearby or they are passing a Pokéstop.

Here's a "Super Mario Run" preview: