• The poster of much talked about TV series 'Sons of Anarchy'

The poster of much talked about TV series 'Sons of Anarchy' (Photo : YouTube)

The fans of the TV series ''Sons of Anarchy'' were happy to hear that a spin off or prequel will be aired soon. The prequel is in the making, however, it is confirmed that Charlie Hunnam will not be a part of the project. It was also clarified that the alleged feud between the creator Kurt Sutter and the protagonist Hunnam a.k.a Jax Teller does not hold water.

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There were some rumors in the past that the creator and director of the first seven seasons Kurt Sutter and Hunnam are not in good terms and that is one of the major reasons for not involving Hunnam in the spin-off.

However, Sutter negated all such claims and mentioned in a Twitter note that there is no such thing. ''Don't go online much these days. This is why: 'Hunnam Feuds With Sutter,'" Sutter told on his Twitter note. "C**tblogger twisting up an old story. I love Charlie. It's mutual."

The reason behind not casting Hunnam is because the prequel is set in 1960s and the plot will involve Jax Teller's (played by Charlie Hunnam) father John Teller. It was also reported that Brad Pitt will play the role of Teller senior.

Talking more about the storyline of the prequel, Sutter clarified that he was in talks with many writers. The spin-off is in the works now, however no date has been revealed for the airing of the same. "We're figuring out what that would look like and I'm in the process of meeting with writers and narrowing it down," Sutter said about the upcoming spin-off.

A few months back it was revealed that FX Productions, the company which has been producing the series has finally registered the name of the spin off. It will be named as ''Mayans MC'' reported. Elgin James will be writing the script for the spin off and Sutter and he both will produce the series.

In other news, Jax Teller has the capability to survive in another popular TV show ''The Walking Dead.'' According to comic book, the manipulation skills and familiarity with an assortment of firearms makes Teller a born fighter. There are no talks of Hunnam joining this show, however, one can never predict in the ever changing world of TV series.

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