• Li Yanhong is Baidu's CEO.

Li Yanhong is Baidu's CEO. (Photo : Getty Images)

A new technology was released by Alibaba and Baidu to protect users on the Internet, especially when buying online, during the Cybersecurity Week in Wuhan.

Alibaba launched the face scanner payment. With the scanner, users can log into Alipay and pay a bill by showing their faces to the camera. This is the latest bioscience technology which can accurately identify human faces and blood vessels in the user's retina.

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An Ant Financial employee said, "Compared to a digital password, this technology is hard to be cracked, which can make electronic payment safer."

China Unionpay launched its new service called the "cloud flash pay." This technology makes use of a digital "boarding card" on their cellphones that records their bank card numbers, and ID numbers to secure online transactions.

Online fraud and stealing of personal information is being more prevalent in China and is causing public concern. Recently, personal information of more than 200,000 children in Shandong Province, particularly their names, age, address and parents' telephone numbers were leaked.

Forty million users' personal information have been leaked in the first half of 2016 while cyber attackers have stolen users' private information 630 million times. There have been 410 million thefts were conducted through mobile phones.

This data was revealed by a white paper published by Baidu.

The system developed by Tencent Company, Qilin, monitors moving scammer base-stations pretending to be banks and telecom service providers. The system's accuracy rate is 99 percent.

This is the only technology that the government deems reliable, according to the Ministry of Public Security.

Alongside with Tencent, Baidu is helping authorities crack down on the black Internet market.

They have helped police crack 500 cases and bust 800 suspects, involving more than 100 million yuan, according to a public relations employee of Baidu.