• Xi Jinping speaks.

Xi Jinping speaks. (Photo : Xinhua)

Chinese Preident Xi Jinping plans to transform China into an Internet power while calling for more independent innovation in the Internet and information technology and enhanced cyberspace security.

During remarks on Oct. 9 at a study session of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, Xi also called for the construction of a safe and controllable information technology system.

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He urged major breakthroughs in the fields of high-performance computing, mobile communication, quantum communication, core chips and operating systems.

Xi said the digital economy should play a greater role in pushing forward China's economic development.  China's Internet management and cyberspace security defense should also be enhanced.

Xi noted the Internet and information technology should be better used to advance social governance, He also called for a greater voice from China in setting the rules of the Internet, as well as greater efforts to build China into an Internet power.

Xi warned of the gap between China and the world in relevant fields.

"We should work with solidarity in mind, improve our knowledge and strengthen strategic planning," he said.

Xi described the Internet and information technology as a "highland" of global technological innovation and a magnet for research and development investment around the world.

He called on relevant industries in China to concentrate on developing core technologies and enhancing security defense measures for key information infrastructure.

Xi urged greater investment in information infrastructure; increased integration of the Internet and the real economy and better development of the digital economy, so as to create new space for economic growth.

Xi said that efforts should be made to ensure that "positive energy," which means bright and patriotic information, circulates in cyberspace.

The Internet should be used to give voice to the public, to benefit their livelihood and address their concerns, said Xi.

Efforts should be made to uphold cyber security, as well as to safeguard the integrity, safety and reliability of Internet data.

Xi called for the building of a national center of big data to promote coordinated management across different administerial levels, regions, departments and businesses.

The Internet should also be used to encourage scientific decision-making by governments, as well as to enhance social governance and efficient public services.