• Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold.

Logan will serve as the last Wolverine spin-off starring Hugh Jackaman and Patrick Stewart and directed by James Mangold. (Photo : Facebook/Wolverine)

New "Wolverine 3" details and spoilers will feature Richard E. Grant's role, information on X-23 and Sabretooth's possible return to the sequel.

Officially called "Logan", the third "Wolverine" film will feature Hugh Jackman's final portrayal as X-Men member Logan/Wolverine in the "X-Men" film franchise as the story and feel of the film will based on the comic book storyline "Old Man Logan".

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The film will feature an old and seasoned Wolverine, as well as the return of Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) and the Introduction of Laura Kinney/X-23 on the big screen.

According to TheWrap, "Daddy's Home" actress Sienna Novikov will be playing the role of Laura Kinney in "Logan" as her character will be mentored by Wolverine after learning that a government operation called "Transigen" is abducting mutant children and turning them into living weapons.

Just like the comics, Laura will feature bone claws in each hand, but two on each hand. The difference however, is that Laura in "Logan" will not be a clone of Wolverine. Laura is described as having an "authentic" intensity as her expression and body language speaks volumes and she is not very experienced in the outside world as anything is new to her. She lacks social skills and every new thing she encounters might scare, anger or even bore her. She eats like an animal, but with an high IQ, as she often studies and mimics other peoples movements. Lastly, Laura is tempermental, impulsive and feral in nature.

Aside from Laura, Kinney "Their Finest" actor Richard E. Grant will playing the role of Dr. Zander Rice, who is described as "mad scientis" of sorts in "Logan". In the comics, Dr. Rice is the surgical director who created X-23. The doctor’s father had worked on the first Weapon X Project which experimented on Wolverine. However, he was killed when the savage mutant escaped and went on a gory rampage.

In other news, its seems that Victor Creed/Sabretooth (Liev Schreiber) will likely return in the third "Wolverine" film.

Several fans theorized that Logan's feral haft-brother/rival will be working together with him to fight Transigen, alongside Laura Kinney, GameNGuide reported.

Jackman once hinted that he wanted Schreiber back in the film due to a tweet he posted to his "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" co-star several months back. Schreiber told Jimmy Fallon in "The Tonight Show" hat he is likely open with the idea of returning to his character in "Wolverine 3", even joking about an "Old Man Sabretooth" in the film.

"Logan" will be in cinemas on March 3, 2017.