• Goku meets Zeno once again and was given a gift.

Goku meets Zeno once again and was given a gift. (Photo : YouTube/ deel ashraf)

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 63 surely gave a strong finish and left almost everyone wanting for more. And with the known release of an alleged official "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 and 67 titles, "DBS" fans will surely be in for a surprise.

The much-awaited end of "Dragon Ball Super Future Trunks Arc" might be around the corner, especially that some of the mysterious characters and their agenda had already been revealed. Things seemed to be already placed in their proper position and the bigger picture of the arc is almost completely revealed, especially being hinted by the so-called official titles of episode 66 and 67 of the "Dragon Ball Super."

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But before we delve deeper into the said leak, it would be best to recap the significant revelations of the anime. In retrospect, previous "Dragon Ball Super" episodes, anime fans learned that Zamasu and Black Goku is actually the same. AttackOfTheFanboy further explained their identity, saying that the Future Zamasu is Zamasu from Trunk's timeline, while Black Goku is another Zamasu from a different timeline that discarded his own body and swapped it with Goku using the Super Dragon Balls.

Apart from that, the upcoming of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 64 also foreshadowed the impending fusion of Black and Zamasu, giving birth to an implacable force. With the said fusion, it is being expected that battle in the future would come to its end. Still, the question of how it may end still remains a mystery, up until now.

With the alleged title release coming to fore, Dragon Ball Super fans may already learn the impending end of the battle. Alleged official titles of episodes 66 and 67 have already been released online. Best DBS rumor source, Gojiitaaf, revealed episode titles but with reservation. However, another site, quoted DB-Z.com's translation of the titles stating that episode 66 would be "! The last major turnaround appears Vegetto," while 67 is entitled "The Supreme King appears Zamasu-kun, in fact, you'll disappear!"

Knowing the title of the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 66 and 67 did not end the query of fans; instead, more theories were being formulated on various social media platforms. One of the most prominent ideas being presented is the intervention of Zeno or the Omni-King over the battle in the future. And this somehow lead others anime fans to look back on the gift that Zeno gave Goku when they previously met.  However, there is still no definite confirmation regarding the alleged "Dragon Ball Super" title release. Guess we would just have to wait for further updates.

Watch here below meeting of Goku and Zeno, the giving of the button: