• "Attack on Titan" chapter 89 spoilers here

"Attack on Titan" chapter 89 spoilers here (Photo : YouTube/AnimeGamesOnline)

Attack on Titan/ Shingeki no Kyojin chapter 87 will be released in the December issue of Bessatsu Shonen on November 9. However, spoilers are already everywhere days before the upcoming issue hit the stands.

Here's the info and spoilers you need to know for Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 87

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-The chapter will be titled Borderline. Again, it's the 87th chapter of Shingeki no Kyojin and the first of the 22nd volume of the manga series. The title of this chapter might be derived from the notion that Marleyan are strictly forbidden from going deep into Paridis Island.

-Along the coast South of Paridis Island, there's a port and a huge wall where Marleyans execute Eldian traitors. Execution is done by injecting titan serum in the nape of the neck and subsequently dumping the Titanized bodies over the other side of the wall.

This could be the reason why there's a big concentration of titan population South of the Wall, especially in Shiganshina District.

-This could be a huge spoiler, but speculations are high that Dina Fritz, the former wife of Grisha Yeager, turned into the Smiling Titan. Yep, the infamous 15-meter titan that brutally munched down Carla Yeager, the next wife of Dr. Yeager.

-As we all know, Eren already avenged his mother's death by unknowingly tapping the power of the Coordinate, ordering other titans eat the Smiling Titan during the first encounter between the Survey Corps soldier and Colossal and Armored titans.

-After Zeke exposed his parents' affiliation with the Eldian revivalist in Marley, Grisha appears to have gone through all kinds of horrific tortures. By the way, Isayama may have gone over the top here by showing a 'bit' of Grisha's genitals. Now, that would be more horrifying to watch.

-Wait, Mikasa has a new hair-do? Everybody knows the other half of the bad-ass Ackerman duo is one of the finest girls in the series, but introducing a new hairdo for this character is a bit drastic. And oh yes, for some reason Eren is in prison again!

-The Original Rogue titan resurfaces. Just before Grisha get 'sent to heaven' by the Marleyans, a soldier come out of his disguise and slash his palms. That turns out to be a titan shifter. But not just an ordinary shifter, he happens to be the original Rogue Titan, who is now Eren's titan persona.