• 'Clash of Clans' alleged leak updates for December.

'Clash of Clans' alleged leak updates for December. (Photo : YouTube/ HaVoC Gaming - Clash Royale & Clash Of Clans)

"Clash of Clans" year-end update is widely anticipated by "CoC" fans worldwide. Although there are still no confirmation nor accurate details regarding the update, various rumors and speculations are already making some noise online, including some hints for the potential introduction of naval battles.

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As early as today, various rumors and speculations have been reported pointing to the potentially drastic change in the hit game app. One of the most engaging claims reported online would be the potential inclusion of sea units in the upcoming December update. And aside from written format, a video discussion mentioning the potential inclusion of ships as sea unit on "CoC" somehow foretells the upcoming drastic change.

Now the news of a year-end patch for "CoC" is not something new for most players. It can be remembered that the 2015 December update made a significant impact when it comes to the so-called "farming" strategy of the game, according to clash4ever.

Apart from that, the said report also highlighted the December 2015 update as one of the biggest clash updates ever. It included Town Hall 11 bursting onto the "CoC" scene, together with Grand Warden & Eagle Artillery as one of the most powerful and strategic addition to the application.

Now with just less than 20 days before 2016 come to its final month, many fans are becoming more excited to what awaits them in their beloved "CoC" adventure. With the news of sea units additions coming soon, it cannot be helped to recollect the undying request or clamor of some "Clash of Clans" players worldwide.

It can be remembered that during the early years of the game app. many players are requesting for naval battles to be included in the game. "CoC" fanatics wanted developers to add naval aspect in the game in order to make it more dynamic and interesting as SuperCell Forum highlighted. 

Now given the reports of sea units potentially being added in the "Clash of Clans" December update, it cannot be helped to think that such update may be a foreshadowing of what is to come the coming months of 2017, including the potential naval warfare in the game app.

The idea of naval warfare is somehow a sound concept, especially if you would consider the strategic location of the "CoC" base- beachfront.  The specific environment of the game which is somehow purposely left unexplored leaves a great potential for battle expansion for "CoC" developer Supercell and for gamers to enjoy.