• Pokemon Go Trade, Global Launch, PVP and GO+.

Pokemon Go Trade, Global Launch, PVP and GO+. (Photo : YouTube/ DouglasGeO)

"Pokemon Go" fans are now itching for the release of the rumored Generation 2 update of the successful mobile game. With speculated features including a PVP battle system, gaming experience will surely be different than it used to be.

It has been reported that "Pokemon Go" developer Niantic has been preparing for a massive update of their popular game application. According to reports, the update will arrive in December this year or in the early months of 2017.

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As per Express, the upcoming game update will likely include the much-awaited PVP or player vs. player battle mode. With the said potential expansion of the battle system, some players ask about the future participation of "Team Rocket" in the game since the said characters are iconic in the animated series.

The report added that the addition of villains like the "Team Rocket" in the "Pokemon" game app is a much-needed feature, together with frequent public events, more badges, and unlockables. Though this news of a "Pokémon Go" Generation 2 update still lacks definite confirmation, many fans are still expecting for the said features to invade their mobile phones.

As of now, despite the news of dwindling gamers' engagement with the game app, the game developer has been trying to resolve some concerns via updates including spawning issues. According to Polygon, there has been an observable increase of spawning time before a certain Pokémon could disappear. A reddit post took notice of such increase, a spawning time from 15 minutes to an hour.

Such report was based on a Reddit post made by mapping site based in Belgium. And based on the observable data, out of 7,087 different spawn points, 6,387 points turned out to be 30-minute spawning period, while 700 turned out to be 60-minute spawns.

Now with this report of latest updates and speculated soon to be added features, it cannot be helped to realize how the game app is evolving to cater the clamors and need of gamers worldwide. Guess we would just have to wait on whether the rumored Generation 2 update of "Pokemon Go" will arrive sooner or later.