• The AMD "Summit Ridge" Desktop Processor Revealed.

The AMD "Summit Ridge" Desktop Processor Revealed. (Photo : YouTube/ Tech ARP)

AMD Zen processor is slated for release in 2017. The forthcoming processor lineup, codenamed "Summit Ridge," is said to be coming out under three distinct variants. And such move is being interpreted by some experts as AMD's testament of survival and challenge against the leading brand, Intel.

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The upcoming Zen based Summit Ridge processors is said to be divided into three-tiers, similar to the product branding of Intel- Core i series. According to Wccf Tech, the rumored 2017 Summit Ridge "SR" release will include an SR3 for the entry-level, SR5 for mid-range and SR7 at the high-end.

The first two Zen SR processors will be the cheaper option for consumers to take home with them. According to reports, the budget-friendly CPUs will like be priced around $200-$300, while the high-end AMD Zen Summit Ridge 7 is expected to cost more than $300 but much cheaper than Intel Core i7 6900K.

The Zen Summit Ridge 7 is said to be the high-end version of Intel Core i7 6900K Broadwell-E CPU, which gaming enthusiast and tech savvy could choose as an alternative for a much lower price. The SR7 series processor is expected to compete with its highest-performing 8-core, 16-thread, at par with the 8-core, 16-thread chip of Intel's Core i7 6900K.

Now with performance and specs, the upcoming AMD Zen processors could be the break that AMD has been waiting for, especially after a reported failure on their previous gamble with Bulldozer processors and SeaMicro as Seeking Alpha has cited.

With the introduction of a much powerful Zen based processor and better options for consumers to choose from, it could indeed mean potential breakthrough of AMD. Guess we would just have to wait and see how the market will respond to the company's offer.