• AMD and Intel logos are both displayed together for better selection.

AMD and Intel logos are both displayed together for better selection. (Photo : YouTube/ Tech of Tomorrow )

AMD Zen processor has been highly anticipated together with its rumored variants. But it seems like the wait for the Summit Ridge CPU will somehow be shortened, for a confirmation of a sneak preview this December has been announced by Advanced Micro Devices.

The Sunnyvale-based semiconductor company recently announced on their official website that on Dec. 13 a sneak peek to its high-performance Zen CPU will be streamed online at 1 p.m. Although the announcement was stripped of the particular details, it has been widely assumed that AMD will somehow give the consumers a preview showcasing their much anticipated 8-core Zen processor.

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Apart from the speculated preview of the 8-core processor, it has also been rumored that the "quad-core" version of AMD Zen Summit Ridge processor will likewise make its appearance on the said date, according to PC World.

There has been a great interest on the quad-core version of Zen, dubbed as Summit Ridge 3 or SR3, in the past months. Such interest over the said AMD processor is mainly rooted on its price, for the quad-core version of the CPU is pegged to be priced at $150 only. And this is much cheaper in comparison with Intel's quad-core Core i7-6700K that comes with a tag of $320 or more.

Now if indeed AMD will unveil a device in par with Intel's high-end product line, then a CPU war will surely breakout next year. The dominance over processors by Intel will somehow be challenged by the AMD Zen architecture to be introduced by the company.

There would likely be a division among consumers, particularly gamers, if indeed AMD will deliver what they have promised and as what most marketing hype would point out. These next generation CPU coming from AMD will likely be the saving grace of the company after failed attempts on Bulldozer processors and SeaMicro, according to Seeking Alpha.

Guess we would just have to wait for a great duel between Team AMD and Team Intel next year. Who do you think will dominate the industry come 2017 and beyond?