• Pokemon Sun and Moon: Tips to get infinite number of Beast Balls, Mega Ring, Mega Stones

Pokemon Sun and Moon: Tips to get infinite number of Beast Balls, Mega Ring, Mega Stones (Photo : YouTube/The Official Pokemon Channel)

With barely month since "Pokemon Sun and Moon" hit gaming markets, Nintendo recently released its first in-game event for the new Nintendo 3DS game. Dubbed the Global Mission, players can earn Festival Coin rewards at the end of the challenge period.

Nintendo issued a challenge to all "Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers to capture a total of 100 million Pokemon creatures in a span two weeks. In an announcement posted on the game's official website, the time-limited Global Mission is one of the enhancements that developers added to the Pokemon Global Link.

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With a collective goal, participants of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission can earn individual prizes if the target is reached. Moreover, Nintendo is willing to give out special prizes even if players were unable to meet the goal.

As a participation prize, gamers will get 100 Festival Coins if the collective target is not reached. However, completing the 100 million Pokemon capture challenge will result in an individual 1,000 Festival Coin reward.

"Pokemon Sun and Moon" gamers interested in joining the Global Mission should visit the in-game Festival Plaza and connect their respective games to the Pokemon Global Link. With the game sync feature, a player's Global Mission progress will be tracked.

Nintendo is also set to introduce more in-game events and other global missions, as indicated in the same announcement. At this point, it is unclear if the upcoming missions will feature holiday-themed events similar to other gaming titles.

Meanwhile, gamers can also take advantage of the "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission to beef up their respective Pokedex. Gaming tips posted on IGN even revealed how players can contribute as many Pokemon captures as possible, to achieve the event's collective goal.

Players can opt to use Quick Balls to increase their chances of capturing Pokemon creatures. Available for purchase at "Pokemon Sun and Moon's" Route 8, the said item costs P1,000 each.

The "Pokemon Sun and Moon" Global Mission will run from Nov. 29 until Dec. 13. Learn more about the Nintendo game in the clip below: