• The initial release date for "Deadpool 2" has been set for Jan 12, 2018.

The initial release date for "Deadpool 2" has been set for Jan 12, 2018. (Photo : YouTube/Dorkly)

Following Tim Miller's exit from "Deadpool 2," Fox has found a reputable replacement for him - "John Wick" movies' director David Leitch.

In October this year, it was announced that Miller would no longer be part of the "Deadpool 2" team due to creative differences between him and Ryan Reynolds, who plays the titular character. Days after the former's resignation, Leitch was among those consider for to take on the director's chair for the movie.

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Fox and movie producers also considered other filmmakers such as Drew Goddard, Magnus Martens and Rupert Sanders, The Hollywood Reporter wrote. Accordingly, Leitch met with Reynolds prior to bagging the gig.

While Miller is one of the driving force of the first "Deadpool" movie, having Leitch on board comes as exciting news for fans. He is very well versed in action films, and has received praises for his work on "John Wick." Given the very violent and action-packed nature of the "John Wick" movies, Leitch is expected to give the same treatment to the "Deadpool" franchise.

Meanwhile, Miller's departure from "Deadpool 2" is said to be amicable, although it was also reported that Miller and Reynolds always argued about creative issues with respect to the movie. However, in an interview with GQ, Reynolds admitted that he is sad to see Miller off the team.

"All I can really add is that I'm sad to see him off the film," Reynolds said. "Tim's brilliant and nobody worked harder on 'Deadpool' than he did."

The interview also hinted that the rift between Miller and Reynolds started as far back as when they were still having "Deadpool" green-lit.

"I know when I need to exert control, and I know when I need to let go of it. I'm not gonna go and sit with Tim Miller and say, 'The visual effects of Deadpool need to be done this way,'" Reynolds added. "The man is a visual-effects wizard. But there are character and tone things that I know really well."

"Deadpool 3" is also being put into motion at Fox.

"Deadpool 2" release date is on Jan. 12, 2018.