• A Chinese firm is criticized for explicit description of an employee’s sex life.

A Chinese firm is criticized for explicit description of an employee’s sex life. (Photo : Getty Images)

Who would have thought that the phrases “exchange sexual experience,” “give sexual guidance” and “masturbation” would appear in a state-owned firm’s official document? Well, it just happened with China Railway Corporation’s (CRC) announcement.

CRC has drawn criticism for revealing in an announcement the explicit details of an official’s inappropriate sexual relationship with a female colleague and her daughter.

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According to the document, the 50-year-old official named Huang Gang sent more than 2,300 lewd texts to his female colleague surnamed Yang over a period of six months. The pair also discussed how Huang can provide sexual guidance to Yang’s daughter.

As punishment for Huang’s inappropriate sexual behavior, he was demoted to the position of deputy director and was given one-year probation by the disciplinary council.

After its release, the five-page document has been shared by over 1,000 netizens on Sina Weibo. Most of the netizens stated that they have never read a bold and exciting official document like this one and that it seems like reading a “pornographic book.”

Amid the publicity of the document, many experts have criticized CRC for publishing such an explicit announcement. Legal experts say that the firm has violated Huang and Yang’s right to privacy.

According to lawyer Zhang Xinnian, though it is normal for the disciplinary council to investigate and write all the details as possible, it is very inappropriate to include the explicit details of the report in a public document.

"The punishment notices that are open to the public, such as those published on the official website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, only give a general description such as saying the person 'lead a corrupt life' and 'traded power and sex' and never depict specific details," said Zhang.

Zhang also stated that though adultery is an immoral act, it is not considered as a crime in China. Only moral condemnation is imposed on ordinary citizens committing adultery, but for officials, a punishment is necessary.

In the case of Huang, his demotion should have been enough as a punishment. Public humiliation should not be included because he and Yang still have the right to privacy.

Aside from privacy issues, many netizens also criticized CRC for giving a very light punishment to Huang. However, this case is not unique to CRC since there is still no strict law in China for adultery.

With the rise in reported cases, the government is now trying to fight adultery, especially when public officials are involved.