• RetroEngine Sigma

RetroEngine Sigma

Nintendo's Classic Edition has been selling out at physical and online stores during this holiday shopping season. The $60 system is a good stocking stuffer but one main drawback is that it only includes 30 built-in classic games. A new plug-and-play mini console named RetroEngine Sigma is another choice for retro gaming fans that claims to play titles of over 28 different classic gaming systems.                             

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Video game emulators have existed for years.  The most popular ones in the mid-90s included the iNES, Super Pasofami (SNES) and VirtualGameBoy. A big problem, however, was installing and configuring software was a bit onerous for casual gamers even if they did not care about pixel-perfect graphics.

It seems Doyodo's RetroEngine Sigma will make the task of running retro games very easy. It includes two USB ports for connecting gaming controllers and Bluetooth adapters. Players link to the console via Wi-Fi using a smartphone/tablet app and selecting which retro console software they wish to install.     

The new console is palm-sized like the mini NES system. It has many more offerings though including 4K Ultra-HD media player and emulation of gaming systems including Nintendo's N64 and Game Boy, and Sega's Dreamcast, according to Gizmodo. It can also play entire 8-bit and 16-bit system libraries.

Doyodo's console works like cheaper options including the tiny Raspberry Pi CPUs. RetroEngine Sigma, however, includes automatic setup and a user interface that makes it easy to add ROM files to digital libraries.

RetroEngine Sigma's crowdfunding campaign was launched on Indiegogo. The first 500 contributors can pre-order the mini console/media player for $50, which includes 15 games, 16GB microSD card, and USB gaming controller.  

The console's pitch explains that setting up retro-gaming hardware and software has been quite difficult until now.  Doyodo's goal is to make the process easier so more people can enjoy old-school games.  

One big issue is that gamers will still have to search online to find their favorite titles such as "GoldenEye." That is due to legal matters involving intellectual property.

Shipments of the RetroEngine Sigma are set to start next year. Crowdfunding backers will get digital Christmas gift vouchers that guarantee delivery after the device's launch in Q2 2017, according to Digital Trends