• Snapchat updates: new feature includes group chat and Shazam

Snapchat updates: new feature includes group chat and Shazam (Photo : Justin Odisho/YouTube)

Snapchat proves itself to be the top of the social media story-making game with the recent release of the much-awaited 'group chat' feature. Users can now send their snaps to their 16 friends on Snapchat; another bonus to the newest update is the Shazam app, now fused with Snapchat.

One of the main highlights of the recent Snapchat update is the 'group chat.' Gone are the tedious efforts of forwarding one snap to different contacts as Snapchat finally decides to send a single or multiple snaps to 16 friends in total.

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To initiate a group chat, swipe left to the text chat page from the main screen, tap "new chat" in the upper left corner and begin selecting contacts that will receive the snap. Create a group chat name by tapping the "name group" button and begin forming up a witty group name. This group will be saved by Snapchat to easily text-chat with the contacts included again. Snaps sent to the group chat will disappear after 24 hours, according to a guide created by Thrillist.

Group notifications will appear whenever someone is chatting, but will not alert every chat that the group members will send.

Aside from the lovely group chat addition, the social media snap-maker also joined forces with the music-identifier app Shazam. Users can now identify a song by pressing and holding the screen in camera mode while music is playing nearby and wait for a Shazam notification to appear. Every Shazam song identified will be saved in the settings button.

Also, the updated Snapchat includes two new creative tools which are the "paintbrush" and the "scissors," as reported by Variety.  

The "paintbrush" lets the user add effects to snaps saved in Memories. Tap into the Memories category and select a photo. After selecting a photo, tap the "paintbrush" icon. This will activate assorted effects to try on.

The "scissors" lets the user cut a part of the Snap and make it into a sticker. The new sticker will be saved as a movable image and will be moved to the sticker library.