• South Korean actor Lee Won-Geun plays the lead character of Jae-Ha in the upcoming film 'Misbehavior.'

South Korean actor Lee Won-Geun plays the lead character of Jae-Ha in the upcoming film 'Misbehavior.' (Photo : YouTube/Lee Min Sung)

After playing Oh Jin-Woo in "The Net," Lee Won-Geun will star next in the upcoming film "Misbehavior." Recently, the 25-year-old actor opened up about what it is really like to shoot a bed scene with co-star Kim Ha-Neul.

In a recent interview with local media, Lee admitted that it was his first time to do a bed scene. He then revealed how he and Kim were able to manage the intimate scene without feeling agitated.

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"I didn't want to rely on Kim Ha Neul so much, so I talked to the director a lot about the scene," local newsoutlet MBN, as cited by Soompiquoted Lee as saying. "The shoot ended quicker than I imagined."

Lee then reiterated that he does not have any worries about the said steamy scene. Since it was his first time, the Hallyu star revealed that taking his clothes off and covering certain body parts was fascinating to him.

In the upcoming film, the "Cheer Up!" actor plays a submissive student, Jae Ha, who is keenly aware of his teachers' physical and emotional physical needs. Opposite him is the 'On the Way to the Airport" actress.

Kim plays Hyo Joo, a restrained part-time instructor at an all-male high school. Emotionally torn, she discovers that her junior Hye-Young (Yoo In-Young) has nabbed a full-time position at the school through her connections.

At the "Misbehavior" press conference on Dec. 21, director Kim Tae-Yong said the upcoming film is a story about two women and their delicate personalities. One is loaded with a feeling of inadequacy, while the other audaciously pursues her own desires.

"I wanted to see how far human desire could go, and how low their ego could fall," The Kpop Herald quoted director Kim as saying. "I myself feel a sense of inferiority when comparing myself to others. I came up with this script when I started wondering, 'What is the one thing I could take from them? Could I succeed? Would that satisfy me?'"

Though the packaging of the "Misbehavior" may appear like an illicit love triangle, director Kim stressed that the film delves into the human instincts of desire, emotional dominance, and inferiority complexes.

"Misbehavior" is scheduled to be released on Jan. 5, 2017. Check out the trailer here: