• The NES Classic Edition console and its controller on display.

The NES Classic Edition console and its controller on display. (Photo : YouTube/ Nintendo)

The NES Classic Edition has become a widely popular console due to the rising interest in retro gaming. However, one of the main drawbacks is that there are no legal means of expanding its library of 30 games. A hacker has now been able to mod the unit in order to add in 30 additional games not packaged with the system.

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How the NES Classic Edition was hacked and altered was not revealed but the results were posted on YouTube. It is also noted that this is a genuine NES Classic Edition and not just a Raspberry Pi running an NES emulator.

The hacker has also begun selling these hacked console units online, Game Ranx reported. With multiple copies of the hacked version now out in the market it is expected that other gamers will find a way to further tinker with the hardware and add even more games to the unit's library.

Several of the new games added include all of the remaining NES "Mega Man" games, "Ducktales," "Blaster Master," "River City Ransom," "Jackal," "Metal Gear," "Batman" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Arcade Game." All of the "Hudson's Adventure Island" games and "Bucky O'Hare" are also included in the list of additional games.

Other games may have also been considered but there is no guarantee that every NES game would instantly work for the NES Classic Edition's built-in software. Compatibility issues would become a concern, My Nintendo News reported.

With hackers now getting the hang of modding the NES Classic Edition, the main concern for many consumers is just getting their hands on the unit. The system costs $60 in retail outlets but resold units on eBay can cost up to $200.

The system has sold out quickly ever since it released back in November last year and Nintendo did announce they are doing their best to meet the high demands. A video showcasing the modded NES Classic Edition can be viewed below: