• Descendants of the Sun Stars

Descendants of the Sun Stars (Photo : Twitter/Song Huiqiao)

Although “Descendants of the Sun” stars Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong-ki insist they are just good friends and not in a relationship, fans and some media want to believe otherwise.

It does not help that during the rare occasions they are seen together, such as the 2016 KBS Drama Award on Dec. 31, they appear to be extra sweet to each other that people are encouraged to think they have a future together. Her tweet the next day would again be likely interpreted by fans as affirmation of a secret relationship.

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Song Hye Kyo’s Tweets

Her tweet read: “Being able to receive Grand Award, it’s because Song Joongki was my co-star. If it wasn’t him, I wouldn’t be there to deliver my speech.” On the same day, Song Hye Kyo also thanked her “Descendants of the Sun” co-stars Jingoo and Jiwon-ie as well as the rest of the cast of the 16-episode blockbuster in another tweet.

With the win of the two in the 2016 KBS Drama Award, the pressure is greater on the stars to marry, according to a recent survey made by Panel Marketing Interactive which surveyed 2,000 South Koreans. The survey found that 16.4 percent of the respondents want Song Joong-ki and Song Hye Kyo to marry.

Secretly Dating?

It does not help that the two, even if they would be in a relationship – whether with each other or some other partner – plan to keep their privacy which means fans and media would keep on speculating what is the real score. The fact that they posted photos together while overseas only add to the speculation, as reported by Inquistr that they are at the very least dating, if not in a relationship. Some even speculate that the two had even gone through a secret wedding.