• Noctis is the main protagonist in Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV."

Noctis is the main protagonist in Square Enix's "Final Fantasy XV." (Photo : YouTube/Caelum Rabanastre XII/XV)

"Final Fantasy 15" has been getting a lot of positive reviews since it went out last November 2016. With some looming contents that will be gracing the latest title in the franchise, fans are now anticipating such releases. In the meantime, players are currently trying on something in the game that will let players delve into some parts of it that were "cut off" by Square Enix.     

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News about a glitch in "FFXV" has been the current talk among its fans and quite a number of players have already explored the once believed to be the game's uncharted territory. The so-called 'out-of-bounds" glitch made some fans traverse its vast landscapes that featured massive grasslands, long stretch of beaches, and even a towns, Engadget has learned.  

Nevertheless, the said glitch can only be explored by foot as there were no vehicles nor the huge flightless bird known as the Chocobo in sight. In addition, it is said that the glitch is quite a handful and would-be explorers of this part of the game will have to follow some steps to pass through it.  

Players will have to get a physical copy of the game provided that it hasn't received any updates. It is also noteworthy to mention that the console's connection to the internet must be turned off in order for the saved files not to be deemed incompatible by the system. Once done, players will have to head on over to the train station and locate a shack that has a small wooden box beside it.   

Jump onto the wooden crate and once the rooftop of the shack is reached, players will have to jump from it. Once done, the character will have quite a long fall signaling that the process was a success. Fans can now look around to their heart's content and see if there are some good stuff to find if there is any.   

Some game pundits and gamers alike are theorizing that such vastness of restricted area might be intentionally laid by the game developer for future downloadable contents of the game. As of late, Square Enix revealed that the game will be getting an "Active Time Report" feature apart from the yet to be announced DLCs intended for other characters of the game, Push Square reported.   

Watch a tutorial on how to perform the out of bounds glitch in "Final Fantasy 15."