• Released in October 2016, 'Battlefield 1'is a video game developed by EA DICE.

Released in October 2016, 'Battlefield 1'is a video game developed by EA DICE. (Photo : YouTube/Battlefield )

A substantial number "Battlefield 1" players are outraged as of late as they are going up against an unusual opponent - the game's anti-cheat system known as FairFight. News is coming in hot stating that some players are getting banned by the said program due to the insane reason that these gamers are playing the game so well that FairFight deemed them as cheaters.

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FairFight is a program preinstalled into the game that tracks down players that might have incorporated third-party programs that will gain them the upper hand during gameplay. It also utilizes a so-called "algorithmic analysis of player statistics" that checks player's performance and compares it to an average skill level, Kotaku has learned.

However, some players who have played thousands of hours and have managed to climb up to the game's global ranks are getting temporary bans for such performance. Some players, on the other hand, are being slapped with an even more unfortunate fate - getting permanently vetoed from the game.

A player that goes by the name SpartanHoplite is an example of such. Known for his penchant of piloting bomber gunner planes and conducting air raids against other opponents, Spartan can reach a kill-to-death ratio of 202-8 that resulted in him getting banned from the game for good.

Another notable player is kL-Spazmo who was also punished with such ruling by FairFight. However, he took to Twitter his concern and called the attention of DICE's Ali Hassoon to which the producer promised him that Hassoon will take a look at his case.

Minidoracat is also another of a player that also got restricted in the game permanently, VG24/7 reported. The player is ranked fourth in game's world rankings and is quite fast in switching his weapons. He even posted a video where he was cut-off from the game all of a sudden. Watch both of SpartanHoplite and Minidoracat's gameplay's here: