• For single people in China, there's more to marriage than simply finding the man or woman of their dreams.

For single people in China, there's more to marriage than simply finding the man or woman of their dreams. (Photo : YouTube/GQ)

For many singles in China, there’s more to marriage than simply tying the knot at their parents’ behest. Though the number of single men and women who are pressured by their parents to marry have significantly increased, there are a few factors that singles are considering before they say “I do.”

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According to the 2016 Dating and Marriage Report from dating website Shijijiayuan (via China Daily), nearly 60 percent of single men half of single women have been pushed by their parents to settle down.

Based on the chart, it was revealed that adults with eligible children in Jiangxi province have been the most vocal about marriage, with 63 percent of single men being pressured to marry. In an interesting twist, 63 percent of single ladies in the province are also being urged to find husbands by their parents.

However, most singles are convinced that they have not found their ideal life partner yet—and it has little to do with love. According to Women of China, singles are getting more practical when it comes to their idea of marriage, with the union being viewed more as a business partnership rather than a romantic connection.

So what are single Chinese men looking for in a future wife? It was said that women who are cultured and proper are most valued by men. Meanwhile, ladies who are too materialistic and narrow-minded are less likely to get a marriage proposal.

As for the ideal husband, Chinese women are looking for family-oriented and considerate men. Those who are too narrow-minded, stingy and have feminine qualities are deemed to be unmarriageable at best.

Singles also have expressed practicality over money matters, as a person who has a steady income and his own home is deemed to be marriage material. Having romantic feelings for the other person is not a top priority anymore and is at the bottom of the priority list.

As more Chinese people are using their heads over their hearts to choose the ideal partner, there is the question of whether these types of practical marriages have any chance of achieving longevity. It has yet to