• The Titanium Orchid is one of the weapons included in "Destiny's" "Iron Banner" event.

The Titanium Orchid is one of the weapons included in "Destiny's" "Iron Banner" event. (Photo : YouTube/Unknown Player )

Game developer Bungie has just released a very timely update for their online-only shooting title, "Destiny." The content was deemed as such since the game has been bogged down as of late with numerous issues, especially with its item drop.  

The game maker's "Destiny" development team posted the coverage of the said patch on Bungie's website as it mainly focused on fixing bugs on the first person shooter. Dubbed as update, the latest game tweak will primarily fix a glitch where players were not able to accomplish the "Plaguelands Patrols" mission due to some key items not showing up when needed.  

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Another concern being resolved by the patch is an issue where the "SRL Momentum" set from the "Holiday Collection" cannot be purchased by players. The "Snow Dreg" and "Felwinter Souvenir" bug was also tweaked and is now up and running.  

The "Agent of the Nine" vendor - Xur also has some bugs of his own. Both of the mysterious merchant's "Three of Coins" and "Curios" items are said to have been affected by a bug that prevented players from buying them. The patch also issued a fix to such and players who got the update should be fine by now.  

The new game tweak also included a workaround for a map issue where players tend to go out of bounds from the given play space on a dozen of its maps. Such maps include "The Cauldron," "The Drifter," "Memento," "Frontier," "Skyline," "Vertigo," and "Exodus Blue."  

On Jan. 17, Bungie launched the "Iron Banner" event onto the game yet again bringing in some neat looking armor sets and weaponry with hints of steampunk design on it. The event will have a week-long run and will end on Jan. 24, Tuesday, according to GameSpot.  

Aside from this, another gaming event - "Bungie Bounty Days" is also in full effect. The said event will commence during weekdays and players will be asked to take down a specific target every week. Once successful, players will be rewarded with a Sign of Opposing Will.

Here is a clip about the newly released patch including the "Iron Banner" event: