• MAC Cosmetics offers a large selection of professional quality makeup must-haves.

MAC Cosmetics offers a large selection of professional quality makeup must-haves. (Photo : Getty Images/Ian Gavan)

When there is makeup, it is inevitable to have clutter in the bedroom or inside the bag. This is where makeup organizers come in handy but the ones sold commercially can be expensive. Here are nine do-it-yourself makeup storage ideas that can be done without having to spend a lot of money.

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1. Lipstick organizer

Those who a lipstick collection should consider creating a tower for lippies, an idea from YouTube's Beauty Is Ageless gathered by Bustle. The project uses craft paper, cotton ball containers and picture frames - all these items can be purchased from a dollar store. The total cost for this DIY makeup organizer is only $15.

2. Plant pots

If there are small, gorgeous garden pots lying around and are no longer being used, just do not throw them out yet. One can pick up decorative rocks and stuff it inside the pots and this will turn the garden accessory into a makeup brush holder.

3. Brush caddy

If the garden pots do not work, there is always the option to create a brush caddy from scratch, the same publication shared. All it takes is a one-dollar foam board from a dollar store and a dose of creativity.

4. Magnetic makeup board

Having loads of makeup products will not necessarily require an individual to have containers for each, especially when there is the option to use a magnetic board. This item not only works wonders when it comes to organizing makeup but it also looks great as an elegant decorative piece that can be hung. One would need a gorgeous frame, metal plate, some magnets to stick on to the back of the cosmetics and decorating skills and this organizer is done.

5. Sushi mats

Who knew an item used mainly in the kitchen can be turned into a makeup organizer. Just weave through a piece of elastic band to hold brushes in place. The mats can be rolled and stored away so easily.

6. Repurposed candle Jars

For those who are fond of collecting candles, this DIY makeup storage container project is perfect. Old candle jars can be transformed into beautiful cosmetics holder, according to Life Ann Style.

7. Vintage plates and bowls

Vintage never goes out of style and the theme can definitely be used as a makeup holder. Lovely vintage plates of different sizes stacked together can become useful and stylish makeup storage containers.

8. Recycled bottles

Recycling not only helps the environment but it can also give cosmetics aficionados a stunning DIY makeup organizer. Instead of throwing out the cute ones, cut them up and turn them into adorable storage containers for your makeup products.

9. Mason jars

This type of jars serves a lot of purposes and that is no surprise there. Gather some old ones or take unused ones and turn them into a makeup organizer with the help of some craft supplies. Check out the video below to get ideas on how to create a makeup holder with mason jars: