• iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone.

iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

Has Apple finally defeated the general jailbreak effort? To date, the talks that either Team Pangu or Luca Todesco will release a jailbreak based on iOS 10.2 remain as rumors while the tech giant has already seeded beta 4 of version 10.2.1 of its mobile OS to developers. And speculations have now commenced on what to expect come the iOS 11 rollout later this 2017.

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As expected, iOS 10.2.1 is designed as a bugs-buster and translates to any exploits or jailbreak opening detected with the OS version has been patched and will be finalized once Apple is ready to release the official build. And that could happen as early as Monday next week.

What are the implications? The imminent 10.2.1 release could derail the progress of Todesco's jailbreak works. As JB fans already know, the Yalu jailbreak creator has recently advertised that not only his iPhone and iPad liberator will move out of the beta status but will also jump to version 10.2. True, Todesco did not commit to a specific deadline but it appears that at the very least he will again be delayed, no thanks to the dizzying pace that Apple has been issuing iOS patches and bugs fixes lately.

Or worst, the Yalu iOS 10.2 jailbreak will not materialize after all. And the same applies to Team Pangu even as the group seems to still maintain a segment of believers that a JB tool from their end would be eventually produced. The idea was Pangu could pick up from Todesco's efforts so far (and the latter wouldn't mind) then come up with a finalized iOS 10.2 jailbreak. It doesn't matter if the tool is semi-tethered or fraught with issued so long as it is released.

But the jailbreak is nowhere to be found until now and the hope that it will ever see the light of the day is fast diminishing, and more so with Apple moving fast to kill bugs and slam the door on iOS hackers.

In fact, the tech giant is so quick on its moves that talks have started on what to expect from iOS 11, which according to Value Walk will boast of a Dark Mode, virtual reality functionalities and a smarter Siri. These should come in the next few months and the chance is high that Apple will make iOS 11 happen and jailbreak creators will still be grappling on how to really crack iOS 10.

Meanwhile, the long wait continues for the next jailbreak release and the only exciting element of the waiting game is to guess: Who will be the provider - Todesco improving on his Yalu iOS 10.1.1 or Team Pangu, which earlier in the year showed proofs that iOS 10 is definitely open for jailbreaking?