• Inda's Mars mission

Inda's Mars mission (Photo : Reuters)

The interest in sending people to Mars someday has been growing and some believe that it could happen sooner than expected.  Humans missions to Mars would include expeditions very different from anything conducted in space today. However, may have analogies to seafaring exploration centuries ago.

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Rex Ridenoure is comparing ocean and space exploration to find out if a mission to Mars is a trip too far, News Space Daily reported.

Sending humans to the Red Planet has not been a matter of "what if" anymore but more of a how and when. A consensus was believed that a young person may be alive today and would be the first person to set foot on the Red Planet, and more will follow.

Humans in Mars would be a historic and epic event that could ever happen. It is a bold and risky move albeit such voyage will have certain parallels to the previous man's voyages.

Trip time involved is one of the great and primary concerns of any human trip the Red Planet. The trip time will drive the cumulative consumption of water, food, and oxygen by the crew; also the duration exposure to microgravity environment, the evolution of the crew psychologically and interpersonal relationships and the complete separation from home, according to The Space Review.

The Mars trip can be compared to a very early voyage by Christopher Columbus's first voyage across the Atlantic together with his crew and fleet, Niña, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

The total trip time by Columbus and his fleet from the Canaries to the "New World" took five weeks.