• German dictator Adolf Hitler addresses a rally in Germany in 1933.

German dictator Adolf Hitler addresses a rally in Germany in 1933. (Photo : Getty Images/Hulton Archive)

It was just recently when the documentary drama series "Hunting Hitler" ended its second installment. Although the third season is still not yet confirmed, rumors are loud that there is enough material to produce "Hunting Hitler" Season 3.

It can be recalled in the season finale episode of "Hunting Hitler" Season 2 that team went to a remote community located in the city of Dignidad in Chile, where Germans were said to be allowed to stay, build a home and live anonymously, Monsters and Critics has learned. The report noted that the community is quite suspicious due to its level of security. It was said that the place is guarded by several security personnel, and that its level of security is suited for important people.

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The same publication also cited that the cult leader, Paul Schafer, was once a resident of the secluded community. Information about Schafer's involvement in numerous hideous crimes and his abusive actions to children were also uncovered.

In regards to "Hunting Hitler" Season 3 renewal, reports are loud that History has not yet provided a green light for it. Despite of this, speculations are circulating that a third installment might still have a chance due to the latest materials that the show's production group has gathered. Rumors say that "Hunting Hitler" Season 3 might proceed in the city of Dignidad.

On the other note, according to Latin Post, Adolf Hitler may have survived the war and did not die in his bunker. The report noted the theories that after the war, Hitler may have fled Germany and went to South America where he used a different identity and lived a secret life. It was also noted that various documents for as many as 700 of them supports the theory of Hitler's disappearance.

Although the documentary drama series "Hunting Hitler" is all about the search of Hitler's footsteps after the war, it was said that it still failed to provide concrete evidence that the leader of the Nazis did survive the assault of the Allies.