•  The latest Tekken 7 trademark logo is displayed, marking its upcoming release.

The latest Tekken 7 trademark logo is displayed, marking its upcoming release. (Photo : YouTube/ MKIceAndFire )

Since the announcement of "Tekken 7" back in 2014, gamers and enthusiasts have been waiting for its release date. However, such wait may soon be ended as Bandai Namco recently confirmed that the said game release date will be revealed next week.

After a long wait for the follow-up of "Tekken 6," game developer finally confirmed the impending release of its sequel. Other relevant information has been assumed to be also announced during the ceremonial unveiling of "Tekken 7" release date.

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"To all Tekken fans and beyond: look forward to the release date announcement of Tekken 7 next week, Stay tuned," Game Rant quoting Tekken official announcement.

However, despite the assured release of information next week, game developers are still silent on the exact date of release. When asked about the exact day for the announcement, officials playfully replied with either Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday, as its potential day of announcement.

The said announcement before the official unveiling of "Tekken" release date coincides with the previous rumors and speculations mentioning that the game could launch on Xbox One as soon as early 2017. Such game launching has been more interesting with reports of Nina William, a returning fighter, Shaheen and even Akuma from the Street Fighter franchise joining the game sequel as mentioned by the same website.

Moreover, there are other reasons on why 'Tekken" enthusiasts should be excited about the upcoming game sequel. Apart from its wacky and eccentric features and characters, the game will stay true to its key elements, according to PC Gamer

Aside from that, the same website also suggested that game launching this year will also may include a PC launch. In terms of new game features, fans will have to deal with Rage Arts that would add a whole new level of intensity and excitement to the matches for gamers to enjoy.

Watch here below game trailer: