• iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone.

iOS 10.2 beta version with new emojis running on a iPhone. (Photo : YouTube/EverythingApplePro)

It appears Luca Todesco has accelerated his work on the Yalu102 jailbreak and the latest beta 7 release now works with the iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4, but still no luck for iPhone 7 and 7 Plus users. And as the supported devices get expanded by the day, those who chose to upgrade to version 10.2.1 will be locked out from jailbreaking - Apple has stopped signing iOS 10.2.

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And jailbreak fans know that Apple's latest move will translate to no downgrade path to the same OS version, which also means there will be no possibility of getting a taste of the iOS 10.2 crack save for those who were able to preserve their .SHSH2 blobs, as advised earlier by jailbreak experts. Todesco was clear on one thing - Yalu102 is a jailbreak that will work only on version 10.2 and below.

As for those that can still access the jailbreak, it goes without saying that they will need to avoid 10.2.1 if the plan is to get the Yalu102 JB tool one of these days. And it will help to finally save their .SHSH2 blobs at this time as doing so will permit them to downgrade or upgrade to an iPhone/iPad firmware of their choosing.

So when the setting is right for jailbreaking, provided the things mentioned above have been taken care of, know that Yalu102 is even more inviting with the latest beta from Todesco, basing on the new report from WCCFTech.

As the hacker has previously committed, more 64-bit iOS devices will be supported and it happened in the past few days when the iPhone 6 series, the iPhone SE and 5S and iPad Air were brought to the fold. They joined the iPhone 6S series and the iPad Pro that the iOS 10.2 jailbreak first supported in initial beta releases.

But as indicated, support for the iPhone 7 series is still non-existent and the jailbreak creator provided no hint on when the devices can be jailbroken. What was clear - Todesco is firm on his mission to finish what he has started and signs are looking good that a finalized version of Yalu102 will be out in no time.

Of note though was the iOS security researcher's statement that seemed to hint of his plan to exit the jailbreak scene once 10.2 JB has been completed. True or not, this should only prompt jailbreak fans to make full use of the Yalu102 tool now as it may take some time before another crack on iOS will arrive.

While there are rumors Team Pangu is silently working on a project and just might release a version of the iOS 10.2 jailbreak, that happening seems more of a moonshot for now.