• Fire Emblem Heroes is the first Android and iOS game from the popular Nintendo franchise.

Fire Emblem Heroes is the first Android and iOS game from the popular Nintendo franchise. (Photo : YouTube / Nintendo Mobile)

Nintendo's "Fire Emblem Heroes" is exciting and easy at the same time but this is true only for gamers willing to spend a few dollars. However, there are ways to experience optimal gameplay of the mobile game absolutely free - that is zero payment required.

Padding up one's roster of high-rated heroes in Fire Emblem is just like grinding through Pokémon GO, according to Venture Beat - gamers will need to catch 'em all. But catching and unlocking characters in the game is practically a gamble as the same report noted that heroes are being delivered randomly. There is no way for players to know in advance what they are getting, they can only wish that the delivery when unpacked will be a 4-star or 5-star warrior.

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So what to do with the low-rated heroes? Kotaku suggests promoting them, when possible, to higher rate and that would mean going through the whole grind of playing the game, which no doubt is a protracted process. And this can be done by making use of the Hero Feathers.

It should be noted that feathers cannot be purchased unlike the Orb, which is the Fire Emblem's game currency. There are key differences between the two like Orb will permit the buying of heroes while feathers can be utilized to level up these heroes. And as mentioned, feathers are earned by progressing through the gameplay while Orb is both given freely and can be obtained using real cash.

That being said, Kotaku further explained that feathers are available from friends (in small amount, to be clear) and when one wins at Arena Battles. The prize for the latter is up to 1600 feathers, which sounded a lot but when actually promoting a hero to a higher star level the resource is quickly depleted.

As the same report indicated, when bumping a 3-star hero up to 4-star the cots will be 2000 feathers and the process can only be performed by players already on level 20 of the game. Getting a 4-star fighter to 5-star is even more prohibitive - one will need to part ways with their hard-earned 20,000 feathers.

But there is a trick to trim down the cost of promoting heroes and it's called merging. The process, Kotaku said, is essentially "merging two of the same heroes together will give one hero a stat boost, and lower the feather cost by the feathers you'd earn for discarding the other."

The hack though is not exactly a free ride into getting the mighty 5-star heroes. One clear downside is "if you are somehow discarding or merging four star heroes all the time, you'd need to throw away 20 heroes to account for the cost of promoting one hero to five stars," Kotaku said.

Or gamers can choose to bypass this route and opt for re-roll, according to BGR. Re-rolling is simply uninstalling and reinstalling Fire Emblem Heroes for these default benefits - "collect the startup currency (free Orbs given for new installs) once again and repeat as necessary until they collected the items or monsters or heroes that they wanted."