• "NiOh" protagonist William lands a blow against his opponent on a one-on-one duel.

"NiOh" protagonist William lands a blow against his opponent on a one-on-one duel. (Photo : YouTube/PlayStation)

"NiOh" was recently launched and many players that have bought and played it are having a hard time. The video game is fast-paced and if they are not prepared, it will make their gameplay punishing. Here are some tips for beginners to this video game, and how to survive it all.

As a start, players are advised to use the items they pick up throughout the video game, according to Polygon. They must understand what it does and never forget to actually use them during battles when necessary. It is not advised to hoard these items because it will only get them killed.

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Antidotes will be helpful along the way since there are enemies that will poison players in battles. Acupuncture needles are also needed since getting paralysis in this game will definitely get the character killed. The needles can cure the paralysis instantly and it will let players get to safety right away.

There are also items that can be used to attack enemies in "NiOh." The moment talismans are used to summon the guardian spirit for a short time to attack opponents. Elemental amulets are useful, which will add elemental damage to the players' weapons. The grenade-type items called Horoku-dama and Kayaku-dama are also helpful in making distance against enemies.

On the official blog of PlayStation, players are recommended to embrace death if defeated. If they are against a difficult enemy along one of the roads, they can explore a different area to level up the character. When they get stronger after several battles, they might be able to overcome that difficult enemy blocking their way.

If there are too many enemies engaging the players, they should not risk it. It is possible to fight and defeat all of them, but it will definitely leave them a lot of damage to their characters. Try to lure them apart one at a time with rocks or arrows instead.

Going stealth on other routes can pay off sometimes. There will be some enemy patrols on some routes in the video game, which can be dangerous if players will engage them right away. It is best to avoid these unnecessary battles for more rewarding options instead.

Players should master the stance switching as well. All of the weapons in "NiOh" have three stances, which are high, medium, and low. A specific stance can deal a lot of damage to certain enemies in the video game. They can also combine all of the stances to create high-damaging combos against enemies.

Check out the "NiOh" Accolades Trailer video below: