• A McDonald's crab sandwich is placed on top its packaging for display.

A McDonald's crab sandwich is placed on top its packaging for display. (Photo : YouTube/ JoeysWorldTour )

McDonald's menu for this year includes a crab sandwich. San Francisco Bay area will have their first taste of the McDonald's crab sandwich.

This serving may be something unique to a fast-food chain company known for its variety of beef meals over the past years. Since the company is cognizant of the risk involved in the launching, the crab sandwich will first be served for testing in a San Jose restaurant, according to Huffington Post. Depending on the feedback, the fast-food giant will serve more in other branches.

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Based on reports, the company prepared the mixture of snow crab meat with mayonnaise, while being served with tomato and lettuce on a sourdough bun. In order to secure the taste and the positive feedback from consumers, the fast-chain hired the service of  San Francisco chef and former "Top Chef'' contestant Ryan Scott in creating the crab sandwich.

This type of outside the box approach is a testament to the company's goal being back on top the food chain industry. In the past years, McDonald's USA has struggled to compete with other brands, like Burger King and Arby's.

In 2015 the company admitted that their performance in the market has been disappointing. In its domestic level, McDonald's struggled to compete with fast-food sandwich peers like  Arby's, Burger King, Carl's Jr., Jack in the Box, Wendy's, Sonic and Subway.

The comparable global sales for the fast-food chain fell significantly, dropping up to 0.7 percent in the second quarter of 2015. On the other hand, Burger King performed with a 6.7 percent increase, while Arby's comps rose 7.6 percent. Such incident gained criticism and feedback from experts, including an analyst at RBC Capital Markets.

"It seems like the only big player doing negative numbers, period. They're in a healthy market but they're not participating in that market," David Palmer, analyst at RBC Capital Markets told CNBC in a phone interview.

Watch here below McDonald's crab sandwich review: