• Dilraba Dilmura

Dilraba Dilmura (Photo : Dilraba Dilmurat/YouTube)

Female celebrities who give birth while being a part of a regular TV show either quit from the show and opt to become full-time mothers or would be gone for several episodes until she is strong enough to return to the rigorous show business life of long taping hours.

On Maternity Leave

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There are no maternity leave benefits for them, unlike salaried workers. But then, many of them like actress Angelababy recognize that she is more needed by her son Little Sponge which explains why she is not in the taping for Season 5 of “Hurry Up, Brother,” the Chinese version of the famous Korea game show “Running Man,” Toggle reported.

To explain to viewers of the popular variety show why the only female cast would not be seen temporarily when Season 5 airs again, the production crew released a statement on Tuesday. The statement said, “Angelababy is taking care of her little baby, we’ll be waiting for her to make a return after she fully recovers [from labour].”

Temporary Stand In

During her absence, another Chinese actress, Dilraba Dilmurat, will stand in. On her Weibo account, Angelababy wrote: “The spirit of show will not change, we welcome Dilraba to the team. But I’ll be joining everyone late, wait for my return.”

Angelababy has actually recovered from labor. Three days after she gave birth to her son with actor Huang Xiao Ming, whom she married in 2015, she was spotted shopping with her mother for the Lunar New Year.

In China, Angelababy is the youngest mega-rich philanthropist, according to Hurun’s List. When she married Huang Xiao Ming, he donated on her behalf money to support over 500 children who were hearing impaired. WildAid recently tapped her as spokesperson to protect the pangolins, Jing Daily reported.