• Wang Feng

Wang Feng (Photo : TheSpeedCube/YouTube)

With the popularity of social media, celebrities as well as ordinary people post the pictures of their newborn like what Chinese actress Angelababy did. However, not all celebrities admit having children, even if the kids are from a past marriage of relationship.

From a Previous Wife

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One Taiwanese celebrity who just admitted having a third daughter is rocker and “Sing! China” mentor Wang Feng. He recently admitted during a guesting on “Star’s Day,” a reality show in China, that he has four-year-old daughter with Kang Zuo Ru, his previous wife, Toggle reported.

From a previous relationship, Wang Feng has 12-year-old daughter Apple Wang and 1-year-old daughter Xing Xing from his current marriage to Zhang Ziyi. In August, Wang Feng was hit by a sex tape rumor involving Xu Geyang, a singer he is mentoring in “Sing! China.” However, the show denied it is Xu Geyang on the viral video based on the tattoos.

The veteran rocker quoted his four-year-old daughter as telling him that she loves Wang Feng forever. He said, “I try my best to visit her and spend time with her whenever I have spare time, she needs to know that she has a father to.”

Too Old to Father Kids?

His daughters were born when Wang Feng was already in his middle age. As a result, when Apple is mature enough to marry, the singer estimates he would be 60 years old then and Xing Xing would be 20 when he is already 70.

In 2015, Wang Feng proposed to Zhang Ziyi by sending on her birthday a white drone that had a diamond ring in it. Romantic music came with the drone. When the drone arrived, Wang Feng kneeled and proposed marriage to Zhang Ziyi, while singers Wang Lee Hom and Na Ying watch him proposed marriage to the actress.