• Young B, also known as Wang Hong Won, is a contestant in Mnet's 'School Rapper.'

Young B, also known as Wang Hong Won, is a contestant in Mnet's 'School Rapper.' (Photo : YouTube/Mnet Official)

Another "School Rapper" contestant has found himself wrapped up in controversy over his behavior. Wang Hong Won, also known as Young B, is being accused of underage drinking, smoking, theft and being violent in school.

Young B's past has come back to haunt him as peers from his school have spoken out against him. The rapper's peers revealed to All Kpop that he was a badly behaved student in school and accused him of being a bully, a thug and said that Young B was reported for bullying on multiple occasions in the past.

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The peers also pointed out that Young B was frequently reprimanded by the school faculty and was the kind of student that teachers would always keep a close watch on because of his behavior. Moreover, Young B was also accused of stealing other students' possessions and would get physical with them if they refused. The peers have also revealed the initials of the other students in Young B's bullying group.

An Instagram photo of him at a noraebang with a beer and a pack of cigarettes lying on the table, has since gone viral. The picture could get him into trouble, as his age is below the legal permissible limit for drinking and smoking in South Korea. The rapper changed his Instagram to private in the wake of the accusations and angry comments on the social networking platform.

Young B's controversy comes days after Jang Yong Joon, son of politician Jang Je Won, left "School Rapper" after being surrounded by a controversy over his past, Soompi reported. On Feb. 10, Jang appeared on the first episode of the Mnet show, which, as the name suggests, is about discovering the rap talents of high school students.

However, his appearance became controversial after snapshots from his social media accounts revealed that he was a school bully. The rapper was also accused of being rude to his mother, who is a former MBC announcer, and soliciting prostitution.

Check out Young B's performance on"High School" in the video below: