• Nokia 3310 Release Date Shortly After MWC 2017 Intro with Same Candy Bar Form Factor but Trimmed-Down Build?

Nokia 3310 Release Date Shortly After MWC 2017 Intro with Same Candy Bar Form Factor but Trimmed-Down Build? (Photo : Wikimedia Commons)

Rumors have it that Nokia will introduce new Android-based handsets via the MWC 2017 next week but one device that likely to generate more interest is the resurrected Nokia 3310. The iconic feature phone is said to be previewed on the same event with the release date to immediately follow.

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According to WCCFTech, the Nokia 3310 is a near shoo-in as among the new Nokia devices to be unveiled by HMD Global in time for the Barcelona trade show and to further drum up interest more details on the device have leaked out.

Gizmo China claimed in a report that the 3310 will remain largely faithful to the original - it will be a feature phone but with larger color display as opposed to the monochrome display that was first seen in 2000. However, Nokia fans should not expect a high-resolution display on the Nokia 3310 when it slides out of the box.

The same report added that in order to keep the 3310 battery running for days and even weeks, the screen will only be low but decent resolution. And to ensure that the new model will have long battery life, the battery pack will be upgraded but no actual rating was mentioned in the report.

And the Nokia 3310 build has been significantly revised as the report indicated that gone will be the considerably thick build. The device has been trimmed down thanks to the use of a thinner battery pack. The result will be a slimmer and lighter 3310 compared to the original version that was compact but hefty.

Also, HMD Global has reportedly made sure that the new Nokia 3310 will still allow customization. That means, the battery can be replaced thanks to the back plate that can be peeled off anytime. It is likely too that the front and back covers, as well as the keypad, can be swapped when desired.

Gizmo China said HMD will ship out the Nokia 3310 in multiple color variants with accessory options for personalization purposes.

In terms of pricing, it remains unclear how much the Nokia 3310 will cost on release date but rumors indicate that the sticker price will be around $50 to $60 per unit.