• Two women are performing exercise routines in the gym to keep fit.

Two women are performing exercise routines in the gym to keep fit. (Photo : Getty Images for Pure Barre/Lily Lawrence)

Scientists and researchers believed that the key to losing weight is a multi-faceted approach, involving the proper exercise and the most appropriate meal plan. By venturing into the said procedures, an individual may be guaranteed of a more efficient and long-term result.

In the past decades, when people speak of losing weight, exercise in it entirety would immediately be considered as a singular approach. However, by today's standard, there are particular types of exercise that one should perform to achieve a specific goal.

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 In an article published in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, researchers emphasized the importance of performing the appropriate exercise, depending on an individual's goal and needs. There are certain aerobic training programs that would affect weight loss and even overall physical fitness, according to Women's Health Mag. To dichotomize, it involves high-impact aerobics and Low-Impact Aerobics + Cardio programs.

In summary, the study and exposition suggest that high-intensity workouts are great for losing fats. However, one should not also neglect, low-impact moves and strength training, for the incorporation of it could boost metabolism by building muscle and will likewise continue the fat burning process.

On the other hand, the necessity of a proper diet plan will also increase the success of a person's weight loss goal. For an individual to lose fat, one must consume fewer calories per day, according to A Workout Routine. If a person would be faithful with the primary diet goal, a calorie deficit will soon ensue. This would then force the body to start burning stored body fat as a source of its energy.

However, in trying to pursue the aforementioned methods of losing weight, one should also take into consideration the safety factors. It would be better to ask for expert's advice regarding the planned workout and diet procedure. By doing so, potential adverse effects may be determined and avoided.

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