• Supporters worldwide march to commemorate the Tibetan rebellion.

Supporters worldwide march to commemorate the Tibetan rebellion. (Photo : Getty Images)

Pro-Tibetan supporters marched in various cities around the world to commemorate the 58th anniversary of a Tibetan rebellion against China.

In more than 100 rallies across the globe, thousands marched to recall the Tibetan National Uprising Day. It was when Tibetans blockaded the summer palace of the Dalai Lama, their spiritual leader, to protect him against possible kidnapping by the Chinese troops.

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A week after the rebellion on March 10, 1959, the Dalai Lama fled from Lhasa and made a passage to India. He lived in India as an exile since.

"Generally speaking, March 10th is a day to really sort of rile people up every year," said Sonamtso, the U.S.A. grassroots coordinator for Students for a Free Tibet.

Sonamtso requested that her last name be concealed as some of her family members still reside in Tibet.

"But I think something that stood out this year was an emphasis of unity both within different types of Tibetan communities, but also with our allies," she added.

The allies Sonamtso referred to are the supporters of a free Tibet. These include some members of the Congress and people from Taiwan and Hong Kong.

China invaded Tibet in 1950 and the relationship between the two had since been strained. The Chinese called the invasion a “peaceful liberation.”

Tibetans accused the Chinese government of unrelenting political and religious oppression. These accusations have been denied by China.

In New York City, thousands of Tibetan supporters rallied at Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn over the Brooklyn Bridge to the United Nations. Speakers delivered speeches to the crowd.

Demonstrators waved Tibetan flags and carried handmade signs calling for a free Tibet as they marched along the busy New York sidewalks to the Chinese consulate on Twelfth Avenue on the West Side of Manhattan.

According to Sonamtso, one of the themes for this year’s celebration was to call for free media in Tibet.

Tibet is an autonomous region of China. As of 2017, Tibet is labeled “not free” by Freedom House, a non-profit.

"The common sentiment was how important it is for Tibetans and our supporters to continue staying resilient and for us to continue resisting," Sonamtso said.

A candlelight vigil in Jackson Heights, Queens, was supposed to end the New York rally. However, due to severe weather, the vigil was canceled. Even though, the message of the supporters did not falter.

"We as people who live in the quote free world, it's our responsibility to stand up for our brothers and sisters and amplify their voices from inside of Tibet," Sonamtso added.

The message of freedom and hope echoes as the spirit of the Tibetan rebellion is stirred by supporters all over the world.