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A Chinese media company’s loss is the gain of children in Tibet with congenital heart conditions. The money would come from Doulang, while the recipient would eventually be the Heart Ali project.

The amount involved is 150,000 yuan or about $21,000 which a court awarded to Chinese actress Fan Bingbing who won a lawsuit after Doulang infringed her portrait rights, China Plus reported. A court declared Doulang guilty of altering a video when the actress appeared at a promotional event.

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No Consent

Doulang used her video without Fan Bingbing’s consent. It changed the promotional text in the clip to show the company name Doulang. The incident led to the impression that the actress was promoting Doulang.

The court ordered Doulang to compensate Fan Bingbing 150,000 yuan which the actress would donate entirely to the Heart Ali project, in which Fan Bingbing is one of the founders. The project pays for treatment for children in Tibet who are suffering from congenital heart ailments.

Investors in Tax Haven Provinces

The amount of compensation is just loose change for Fan Bingbing, a billionaire, who according to Daily News & Analysis, is among the celebrities who rushed to set up companies in Tibet and Xinjiang which offer preferential tax benefits. Besides Fan Bingbing, the report cited actress Zhao Wei who placed a $440 million bid for Longwei Culture & Media, a Shanghai-listed animation company based in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.

The preferential tax policies were created to attract rich investors to the two Chinese inner area provinces that are suffering from occasional acts of ethnic violence. The two provinces are considered China’s version of the British Virgin Island, a tax haven in the Caribbean, Shen Meng, executive director of Chanson & Co, a boutique investment bank in Beijing, said.