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Busan International Film Festival - Day 3 (Photo : Getty Images)

After Hong Kong actress Cecilia Cheung divorced singer-actor Nicolas Tse in 2011, she had to raise her two sons – nine-year-old Lucas and six-year-old Quintus – as a single mother. However, she has some help from Davies Shally, her mother, in terms of financial assistance.

After the divorce, Cecilia Cheung transferred with her two sons to Singapore to give the two boys a more conducive environment. But the three returned to Hong Kong in 2016, Toggle reported.

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Financial Hardship

During her six-year absence from show business, Cecilia Cheung’s income dropped significantly since she placed her career on hold. The situation led to her inability to financially support her family and mother, according to reports. To help Cecilia Cheung, Davies Shally works as a cashier at a cake shop. Her work is from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Davies Shally and the younger brother of the actress used to operate several businesses – including a wine shop and restaurant – that Cecilia Cheung opened. However, the ventures all closed eventually.

Cecilia Cheung divorced Nicholas Tse, after leaks of her sex scandal with 36-year-old actor Edison Chen. Images of Edison Chen and several stars with whom he had sex, including Cecilia Cheung, spread on the Internet since the actor served the intimate photos on his computer which were retrieved and leaked online.

More Scandals

Beyond the scandal, there is another reason why Nicholas Tse divorced Cecilia Cheung, according to Huffington Post which cited its Beijing sources. Nicholas Tse had been doubting if Lucas is his biological son, so the actor had a covert genetic testing at the Victoria Hotel in Hong Kong. Results of the DNA test show the DNA match between Nicholas Tse and Lucas was only 0.03 percent.

The rumors say Lucas’s real father is either Edison Chen or Patrick Tse, the boy’s grandfather. The rift between the Tse and Cheung family has apparently not fully healed since reports came out in May that Cecilia Cheung allegedly prevented her former mother-in-law, Deborah Li, from visiting the two boys. Deborah Li shared it with producer Tiffany Chen who disclosed the matter to media in a Cannes Film Festival interview. But she eventually told Apple Daily she was able to celebrate the birthday of Quintus with the boy, although she did not deny Tiffany Chen’s claim. However, the grandmother asked media to spare her grandson from negative publicity, AsiaOne reported.