• Lu Han is China's "Star Wars" ambassador.

Lu Han is China's "Star Wars" ambassador. (Photo : Instagram/7_luhan_m)

A Tencent survey said that androgynous performer Lu Han got 37 percent of the votes, making the singer of R&B songs the most popular celebrity among Chinese millennials.

The 27-year-old celebrity’s popularity stems from his also being a top endorser of various products such as fast food, vehicle and a laptop. But not everything he endorses becomes top-selling items or services, The Beijinger reported.

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Movies Flop

In 2015, Lu Han was the ambassador to promote “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” He wore the Jedi’s robe and released a music video to push the movie which became a flop in China. He also starred in “The Great Wall” which also did not do well in China’s box office.

Considered the Chinese version of Justin Bieber, the Chinese actor surprised Matt Damon while they were filming “The Great Wall” when the whole hotel hallway was filled with 400 flower arrangement which was sent by fans of Lu Han.

More Effective Endorsing Feminine Products

Maybe because he is androgynous, Lu Han is more effective endorsing women’s products such as cosmetics and feminine hygiene items such as those made by L’Oreal. Besides other male crushes, called “fresh meat” by their fans, other Chinese celebrities who endorse make-up are Kris Wu, Li Yifeng and Zhang Yixing.

But sometimes by just posing in a particular places converts the area into a tourist destination just because Lu Han was once there. In April 2016, he had a photo taken standing beside a mailbox on Zhongshen Road in Shanghai, and after that, the long line of fans waiting to take a similar photo was 300-meter-long.

His star may have shone brighter now that he topped the list because in 2014, in a list of five Asian actors known for their pretty boy images made by The Korean Herald, Lu Han was excluded. Those in the list were Taemin of SHINee, Jan Keun Suk, G-Dragon of Big Bang, Kim Heechul of Super Junior and Lee Jong Suk, KPopStarz reported.