• Girl Run Over

Girl Run Over (Photo : CCTV+/YouTube)

Around 20,000 children in China below 14 years old die yearly because of injuries from road collisions. However, there are a lucky few who survive vehicular accidents, including falling out of vehicles and being hit by cars.

The Lucky Girl

A little girl in Xichang, Sichuan Province is one of the lucky ones. Indian Express reported that the two-year-old girl, who went out with her grandmother but escaped the old woman's attention, is seen crossing a busy street with fast cars. She managed to walk halfway across the street and avoided the fast cars.

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The incident happened on Monday morning. Footage from surveillance video camera showed the girl in a pink coat made a dash for the other side of the street. The video showed the toddler continue to cross and the last vehicle goes by. She is seen crossing the road in front of a white vehicle that moved in the opposite direction.

Only Minor Head Bruises

Another white car moves fast, and the next scene shows the girl lying on the road and her grandmother running to save her granddaughter whom she picks up and pulls to safety, Counton2 reported. According to ABC, the victim was brought to No. 2 People’s Hospital of Liangshan Autonomous Prefecture.

Doctors said the girl had only minor head bruises but no other injuries. She was released from the hospital the next day. Guo Wei, a police officer with Xichang Public Security Bureau said the child was in a blind zone of the first white vehicle, and the driver did not see her. The driver of the second car also did not see a child who was frightened by what she went through.