• MMA Versus Tai Chi

MMA Versus Tai Chi (Photo : Julian Burns-Brenssell/YouTube)

In a match between a mixed martial arts expert and a Tai Chi master, who would win? The audience at a venue in Chengdu found out the result which had Chinese now questioning if Tai Chi really has a value when it comes to protecting a person.

The match had MMA fighter, coach and promoter Xiaodong Xu battle Lei Wei, the Tai Chi master, Daily Star reported. It was actually a fight between a traditional and modern form of martial arts which was won by Xiaodong Xu in 10 seconds.

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10-Second Fight

At the start, the two men were waiting who would make the first move. The Tai Chi master shows a defense form imitating a crane, while the MMA fighter held his hand in a classic low boxing style. When the two sparred, Xiaodong Xu unleashed multiple punches that caught Lei Wei off guard as he fell on the floor receiving punches. The referee ended the fight in 10 seconds.

The video of the match become viral with more than 900,000 hits in one week. Following his victory, Xiaodong Xu mocked out forms of Chinese martial arts. Among those who responded to his dare are Kung Fu masters. He further mocked them on Sina Weibo by claiming he would win even if two or three Kung Fu fighters would spar with him.

His claims angered the Chinese Wushu Association which issued a statement on its website that said the fight between Xiaodong Xu and Lei Wei “violated the morals of martial arts.” As a result, Chinese are now doubting the use of other forms of traditional martial arts.

Exposing Fraudulence

However, the MMA fighter who said he fought Lei Wei to fight fraudulence, has become the target. After he went into hiding, Xiaodong Xu said he lost everything, including his career.

Since the 16th century, Tai Chi has been part of Chinese martial arts culture in which movies and TV dramas made martial artists great heroes in conflict due to their supernatural strength, BBC reported. It is this portrayal of Chinese martial arts – which Xiaodong Xu also studied – that the MMA fighter wanted to expose as full of fraud and hypocrisy that made him fight and beat Tai Chi.