What Type of Snacker Are You
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Snacking has no hard and fast rule that dictates what people should snack. Different personality types driven by their own lifestyles all display a particular snacking habit. Research has proved feelings dictate food choices.  It is this psychological element that influences the type of food we eat be they healthy or not. Such factors also classify people into different types of snacking personalities and the big question now remains. What type of snacker are you?

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The invisible snacker

The invisible snacker will not even realize when picking up things and eating. It is somewhat out of compulsion or rather rote behavior that whenever snacks are in view, Mr invisible will reach for them without realizing it. As an invisible snacker who can't who will pick up that last bit of toast or crumbs from a plate or a food sample at the super market, it all adds up and will soon start making a difference to your weight.  The only remedy is to try and keep a food diary to see how and when you eat or snack.

The sad snacker

People suffering from a recent heartbreak or depression are liable to turn to food. Some may end up snacking and gorging on all sorts of unhealthy snacks. If you are sad and feel the urge to snack, do so but make the right choices because before you know it you will have gained pounds of weight adding to your woes. What you may not know is that food affects mood. There is a high possibility that you may be sliding further into depression because of the food that you eat. Eat the right type of snacks that include ingredients that boost mood and you will find yourself feeling better.

The sporty snacker

Although you don't really need to tell an athlete or a sportsperson what to snack, there is the factor of snacking according onto your physiological needs depending on what sport or activity you may be involved in. As a bodybuilder you need healthy snacks that feature rich protein content. If you are just working out to stay healthy, there are foods with balanced carbs and protein that could well be eaten for a pre workout or post workout snack. There are several choices like grilled turkey with quinoa or a smoked salmon sandwich which provides a fantasticamount of amino acids and omega 3 fatty acids to support your vigorous workout routine.  Such snacks are beneficial for supplying energy for activity and also promote muscle synthesis.

Survival Snacker

As a survival snacker you aren't putting your body in a very good position. A survival snacker skips meals and abides by a chaotic diet managing without food for lengthy periods, when your body can't take it anymore; you reach for anything that comes your way just to prevent that fogy dizzy feeling in the head. Such an unhealthy practice puts you at risk of low blood sugar.Ideally you should eat a healthy breakfast to avoid such occurrences, maintain a regular diet and plan ahead to prevent ill health and sickness. Eating regularly will maintain ahealthy blood sugar level to keep you focused and mentally alert during the day.

The Unhealthy snacker

Perhaps the worst kind who couldn't care less if the weighing machine breaks under the pounds of weight .The unhealthy snacker eats constantly out of compulsion and boredom. Such people tend to turn to food for solace in their lives but end up choosing the wrong sort of food. As an unhealthy snacker, you could be at risk of type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar, cardiovascular disease, fatigue and lethargy, you need to rectify your lifestyle immediately and remain committed to snacking wisely as a step in the right direction

The situational snacker

As a situational snacker, you always seem to be rushing to and from meetings at work without bothering to eat. You pick up a pastry on the way or chocolate bars and crisps from a vending machine.  When you reach home you just eat whateveris there in the fridge. The situational snacker is disorganized andreaches for snack choices consisting of high fat and high calorie foods. This will no doubt make your blood sugar levels soar;your energy levels fluctuate and will result in a moody disposition. The easiest way to get out of this habit is to take a packed lunch to work, sit down for 30 minutes and plan your diet. Eating nutritious snacks while at work will keep you focused and perform better.

The happy snacker

Perhaps the best type of snacker who understands how happiness and health go hand in hand. The happy snacker makes food choices wisely that may include fruits and beneficial carbs for breakfast like oatmeal or multigrain toast with healthy toppings. As a healthy snacker your moods are elevated with positivity and yourfood choices complement your mood and health.


Snacking wisely not only improves your health, it helps you focus and perform better. When bad food habits dictate your diet, you need to acknowledge that you have a problem and gradually progress to eating healthy. When you combine good nutrition to a healthy lifestyle, then you can be sure of reaping the benefits of positivity, longevity and an improved quality of life.