Securing the consulting case interview has not come easily and has undoubtedly taken many hours of planning and extensive preparation. At this key step in the process, you will need to reassess and properly review your approach on how best to ace the consulting case interview. This step in the process will take extensive work and dedication. There is value in working smarter. Forging ahead without proper planning will not only mean your efforts will be unfocused will not be objective driven. So, the question is, how do you adequately prepare to ace the consulting case interview?  We have put together a few valuable tips and guidelines to assist you in preparing for your consulting case interview.

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Knowledge & Planning

Start planning your interview preparation immediately. Do not delay your preparation until the last minute. The more time spent practicing and enhancing your skills, the more confidence you will have when settling in to do the interview. Start by understanding the basics and comprehend all you can about case interview.

Start With Clarification

The groundwork of your case starts with the understanding the business problem. To satisfactorily resolve the issues laid out in the case interview, it is very import that you understand the objectives. This starts by fully understanding the business problem, as well as the desired outcome. It is not merely about asking questions. To resolve the problem, you need to identify the issue. To thoroughly comprehend the problem, you need to listen carefully and ask the right questions.


Know how to implement pre-existing frameworks as a foundation to a case driven structure. Do not try finding solutions to the problem solely adopting an available framework. The framework should structure your analysis while hypotheses navigate and drive your framework. This will represent the foundation of your case. Even more important, the framework must be client driven. Apply a standard framework as the foundation of your case. Building on that framework to achieve a solution remains one way to stand out by showcasing your skills and knowledge. It is fundamentally significant you know how to find solutions using case driven framework.

Órganize Data

Not all the data provided to you during the interview is valid, usable data. Being able to scan, identify, sort and assemble data represent a critical step in the case interview. The data you use will directly impact the results of your case interview. Knowing how to apply an exhaustive structure to manage and separate data until you have identified the issue represents the core of your case interview. Using invalid data or not applying the appropriate structure will ultimately end without a solution.

Allways Evaluate With Structure

Evaluate data with the objective in mind. Adopt the framework to drive your analysis. Groups analyze and categorize data. It is extremely important, to stay focused and to constantly update the structure to drive the objective; you need to exhaust each category of data before moving on to the next.

Clear Recommendations

Once you have completed the analysis and can the answers to the client's questions, you need to present your recommendations. A few points to remember when making recommendations include:

  • Recommendations are based on what you found, not how you obtained it.

  • Ensure your recommendations answer the questions set out at the start of the interview.

  • Keep your findings clear, concise and actionable.

  • Prepare yourself and base your recommendations on the available data.