The fact is the sheer numbers of undercover Internet magazines which provide me the information regarding the actual life of a wrestler could put to pity any not-interested-but-wants-to-rag-wrestling fan out there.

I, obviously, don't need to give anyone a good reason why I like the WW. However, I will do it to back up every kid who's stumped every time when their (especially those who like female WWE,) parents advise them not to try this at home.

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As now I have become mature enough to understand the things they do in the ring, the passion or enthusiasm was enough to have at the time when I was a teenager and when I took everything seriously what happens in the rings and engaging stories of WWE. During the time of my strict passion for watching and adopting the styles of WWE superstars, I never tried to speculate the moves they make and how brutally they got beaten by the opponents with the chair and chains.

Now today I realized that how they make money, but no offense I don't want to open any pandora box here, I just want to go real with he real blood watching in ring, and that came up when I became a fan of MMA fightings and always try to find the latest mma news latest online or on tv, that is exactly what is said real.  Here in this article, I am going to express my emotions about my favorites; they seem ring actors now to me.

1.  Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan, not as much quick as hulk today in Marvel Movies, he remained old as he might be in his teens. He was the great entertainer no doubt, but he was not good at acting the fight, I stress the word "acting the fight" but not fighting real. His hairstyle with half baldhead and mustaches were the most adopted style back then.

2.  Ultimate Warrior

He kept the reputation of his name very well and brought the ardor of action in the ring with different style that I could remember even made me jump off of my sofa whenever he made his passionate appearance in the ring. He was my favorite, but as I said MMA is my thing now, he only seemed to me now the most favorite acting professional and superstar of WWE.

3.  Papa Shango

He was famous for his storylines and being played for wrestling politics by McMahan. He played his role very well whenever he was used by McMohan family in WWE. And those stories even today make me remind of the gossips and debates in school mates right after watching the weekend events.

4.  Tatanka

I'll be happy to know that the majority of you guys did not even know him. It's all right. He'd an exceptionally short-lived time in the WWF. However, I loved his hued Mohawk.

5.  Undertaker

Dead Man Walking. These 3 words voice it out all. I can't believe that this man is still in the ring and winning the matched especially WrestleMania event with great fraction and skills. He is the one who didn't forgive the Great Khali. His theme of appearance and walking like a dead man is what everyone makes in the ring tremble with fear. In my opinion, he was the great storyline ever in WWE history.

6.  Bret 'Hitman' Hart

The not so big dynamo. I usually speculate the way this man gets away with a black and pink outfit, however, from time to time such things do wonders, you see.

7.  Rick and Scott Steiner

Tremendous Poppa Pump for the modern generations to come. All that is found humorous about these men were their Olympic items and their doggie tricks in the squared ring every now and then.