The idea of using fake documents has rampantly grown across the globe. Earlier there were agents who would charge handsome amount of money and provide fake documents Now times have changed and there are companies that provide fake documents as a part of their core services. When it comes to travel then there are alot of things that one has to look forward to. It is not just about enjoying the beachside at a new place, but is also about spending quality time with loved ones and partying hard. However, before me move on to discuss the idea of fake ID ,let me navigate you towards its true form.

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What is a fake ID?

A fake ID is a counterfeit document that is used to buy products and avail services that are not allowed to a particular person unless the legal age is reached. A fake ID is of many types and depends on the reason for its use. The use of fake ID's has become a cliche these days which is why even young people are frequently using fake documents because it is a ticket to their freedom.

Where do we get a fake ID from?

Well, as already discussed, earlier there were agents who were in charge of providing counterfeit documents but now there are companies that have their own websites from where they receive orders from their clients. However, it is very important to choose the right company because if the company gets caught up then all the clients will also be held accountable. There are many websites where customers can place order and choose the type of fake document that they want.

A typical fake document might cost as high as $300 but the cost per document will eventually go down if the number of documents is increased. If you are looking for a fake document online then you can read review to know about the services that they have provided to their clients. One thing is important to note here. even the companies  that provide such documents suggest their clients to not misuse them.

how does fake ID help during travel?

Well, there are many reasons why people use fake IDs during travel. Let me navigate you towards all of them:


Fake driving license

When people travel to a different state or a country then it is very important to have the rights to drive in that place. However, if one is below 21 and also doesn't has a valid driving license to do that then a fake document will come to rescue. A fake driving license can be used to travel in an alien land. However, people place multiple orders for a document like that because there are chances of one person getting caught by the authorities.

Fake ID can be used to buy booze

No party is complete unless there is some alcohol in it. Drinking is something that has become a part of every culture. However, if you are less than 21 then you won't be allowed to sell or purchase alcohol. One needs to have a valid document that confirms his/her veracity to make the choice of drinking. Fake ID can help with buying booze during travel.

Fake ID is often used to buy marijuana

Smoking weed is also very common amongst young people. Moreover, with the legalization of marijuana in many states of the US, the debate has got even more fiery and heated. Marijuana has proven to be of great help when it comes to healing many issues. Some sources suggest that it even helps in giving a good orgasm. Thus, a newly married couple might have a puff of it on their honeymoon.


Fake ID is used to smoke sheesha in public

Sheesha smoking is the world's most common trait. People like to have sheesha around when it comes to travelling and staying outdoors. Sheesha smoking has no replacement at all. However if somebody is not of the legal age to do that then the only option that's left is to use a fake document.

Fake ID is used to book hotel rooms

If you want to book a hotel room then you have to be an adult and also need to possess a valid credit card. During travel it is very imperative to have a comfortable accommodation. This is where people use fake ID documents to gain entry into hotels and stay there. The idea of using fake documents to book hotel rooms has rampantly grown.

Fake ID is used to enter nightclubs

Nightclubs and pubs are a part of everyone's discussion when it comes to travelling. Every locality has its own famous nightclubs which is why people love to party in those places. However the club security is very strict when it comes to curating people with the right documents. If you look too young to join the bandwagon of the club then you might get thrown out.

Is taking the risk worth it?

Even the companies that provide fake documents suggest their clients to not misuse the documents. The repercussions of getting caught up can be very damaging. Not only will a person have to serve in jail but will also have a toll on his/her career. If a person gets caught up then:

● He/she will have to serve punishment of 1 year in jail and pay a fine worth $1000. this is applicable in the first offense.

● He/she will have to serve a punishment of 5 to 10 years in jail and also pay a fine of worth $5000. Moreover, the fine depends on the intensity of the damage that one has caused with the use of fake document.

● The person might get sacked from their job and never be able to get a  white collar job again.

● Such person might also be denied voting rights and also might never be able to apply for loan or mortgage.

● Such a person will also not be able to have a healthy social circle as did existed before.


Well, the idea of using fake documents sounds cool to the millennials but comes with a lot of dangers. During travel, one can surely avail the benefits that come with a fake document in hand but the aftermaths cannot be overlooked. It is better to make the trip healthy and sane. Instead of relying on smoking, drinking and entering nightclubs, one needs to go on a social detox.