• I Am Wrath

I Am Wrath (Photo : Twitter/@10TV)

Fans were excited to see actor John Travolta and the crew in the filming of the upcoming movie "I Am Wrath." Filming took place on the west side of the Ohio Statehouse steps.

"I Am Wrath" is an upcoming action film, which follows the life of Stanley Hill. Hill seeks justice by himself following the failure of the police officer to catch his wife's killer.

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The film will star John Travolta as Stanley Hill, Rebecca De Mornay as Vivian Hill, Sam Trammell as Detective Gibson, Luis Da Silva Jr. as Charley, Paul Sloan as Lemi K, and Asante Jones as Detective Walters.

As per The Columbus Dispatch, the film hired more than one hundred extras, who stood under the sunshine for several hours. Small groups of bystanders watched the filming and those who stayed close to the crowd extras were lightly asked to move. The crew also went inside the Statehouse to shoot some sequences. Afterwards, they went to some spots on Gay Street and COSI Columbus. Travolta was not present in the scene, however.

Last Monday and Tuesday, the crew used the residence of Matt and Susan Gruber for some of the film's interior scenes. The house also serves as Hill's residence. The family's furniture have been temporarily relocated and replaced with the film's furniture. Matt and Susan's children, Joe and Ned, will stay in a near hotel in the course of the filming.

According to Mrs. Gruber, Travolta was amiable and kind to them as well as to the bystanders. He even signed autographs and took photos with the people. In 10TV, lead actor Travolta was seen filming some of his scenes near the baggage area in Port Columbus. 

The film is set to be piloted by Chuck Russel, with Yvan Gauthier and Paul Sloan as writers. Bill Bromiley, Cam Cannon, Rob Carliner, Patricia Eberle, Michael Mendelsohn, Richard Rionda Del Castro, Ness Saban, Richard Silvestre, Matthew Silverman, and Nick Vallelonga are the film producers. Filming locations include Columbus, Cleveland, and Albama in United States and shooting is assumed to end in the middle of April.

"I Am Wrath" has no official release date yet.