• Rising e-commerce firm Vipshop eyes to diversify its products and expand customer base.

Rising e-commerce firm Vipshop eyes to diversify its products and expand customer base. (Photo : Reuters)

Vipshop, one of southern China’s largest e-commerce firms, recently inaugurated a regional headquarter in Xinjiang, offering a within-a-day delivery of the residents’ online orders.

The company's headquarters are located in Urumqi's Economic and Technological Development Zone in the district of Toutunhe.

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On April 8, the district and the Guangzhou-based Vipshop inked deals on developing e-commerce endeavors in Xinjiang.

Vipshop is reportedly investing 1 billion yuan to the construction of the Xinjiang headquarter. The project, which covers 33 hectares of land, is eyed to pull in 20 billion worth of sales in a span of six years.

Moreover, the headquarter is also expected to contribute 200 million yuan worth of tax.

Shen Ya, Vipshop CEO, said that his firm will regard Xinjiang as a vital trading center for international transactions.

"We are seeking to transport foreign products to inland provinces via Xinjiang, while selling high-quality Xinjiang goods to other countries around the world," he said during the signing ceremony.

Meanwhile, Toutunhe's Party chief Wei Ye shared that the new project offered a "win-win" situation for both parties.

"The project is a crucial starting point for the district to implement the One Belt and One Road Initiative. I believe it will drive the development of Xinjiang electric commerce industries, boost related industries and facilitate the transformation and upgrading of industrial structure," Wei enthused.

Wei added that the district's officials would also intensify efforts in developing the area's investment environment. More policies aimed at regulating and boosting e-commerce businesses will also be formulated and implemented.

Currently, Vipshop is one of China's top five e-commerce companies.