• Paul Walker won Teen Choice Award posthumously for "Furious 7."

Paul Walker won Teen Choice Award posthumously for "Furious 7." (Photo : Reuters )

Actor and producer Vin Diesel confirmed that there will be a "Fast & Furious 8" movie, which will be a tribute to Paul Walker and Kurt Russell, who plays Mr. Nobody in the recent installment, may play a bigger role in the movie.

Rumors are in full swing to suggest that the movie may be released in April 2017 and will be set in New York, according to Metro.  

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Walker's sudden death left many heavy hearts across the world. It also left a huge void in the cast of the next installment in the franchise. With the makers set to make changes to the next movie, Lead actor and producer Diesel suggested that veteran Russell may be given a meatier role to fill in Walker's void.

The seventh installment recently released worldwide to positive reception and raked up more than a billion dollars. The end of the movie pays a fantastic tribute to the late Walker, who ironically died in a car crash just after filming for the movie, according to IB Times.

There was speculation regarding future installments in the franchise after the news of Walker's death as he played a substantial role in all of the movies in the franchise. However, all such speculations were rubbished with Diesel's annoucement.

Russell is known for his villainous role as Snake Plissken in "Escape from New York" and its sequel "Escape from LA."

Russell's little cameo in the seventh part left a lot of speculation surrounding his character, which lets the makers lot of room to explore and develop a character strong enough to fill in Walker's void. There are rumors that he may even take over the reins as a mainstay in the franchise; but that is up to the makers to decide.